The Top 5 Rude Candle Messages That Make The Perfect Funny Gift

In a world where the ordinary has become mundane, a trend has emerged that tickles the funny bone and lights up rooms with more than just a flame. Rude funny candles have become the go-to for those looking to gift something that packs humour with a hint of naughtiness. These candles come with labels that will have you giggling, blushing, and sometimes both at the same time. This article is your guide to the top 5 candle messages that are hilariously offensive, delightfully crude, and absolutely perfect for giving your friends a good laugh.

  • The Disgusting Candle: Embracing the gross-out humor.
  • The Observational Humorous Candle: Finding the funny in everyday scents.
  • The Lovely Sexual Scent: A cheeky nudge and a wink in fragrance form.
  • The Message Candle: Say it with scent, when words just won't do.
  • The Memory Candle: Aromas that remind you of... well, you'll see.
  • Conclusion: Why these candles are not just funny but also surprisingly thoughtful gifts.

The Disgusting Candle

It's no secret that the human experience comes with a variety of, let's say, less than pleasant bodily functions. The very mention of certain fluids can evoke a visceral reaction, a combination of laughter and disgust. But why do we find this so amusing? Perhaps it's the breaking of taboos, the shared understanding of our human condition, or just the pure shock value that makes these candles so emotively humorous.

From the “scent of anal sweat beads” to the pungently named “crusty cunt putty” these candles dare to go where no fragrance has gone before. They are perfect for those with a robust sense of humour and a strong stomach.

The Observational Humorous Candle

Everyday life is rife with smells that go unnoticed until pointed out with a comedic twist. The observational humour in candles like “dry leathery flaps” or “hot fart” brings to light the scents we all know but never speak of. The humour lies in the recognition, the "I know exactly what that smells like" moment, followed by disbelief that someone made a candle out of it. For instance:

The laugh comes from the unexpected candidness, the brave acknowledgement of the unacknowledged.

The Lovely Sexual Scent

Now, onto a saucier topic—sexual scents. They’re the kind of fragrances that remind you of those intimate moments but in the most comically overstated way possible. Take the “tight wet pussy” or “fresh warm cum” candles. These are not just about the shock factor; they play on the paradox of the unspeakable becoming a centrepiece, a talking point at gatherings, or a naughty nudge to a partner. The humour? It’s in the audacity, the sheer boldness of celebrating the intimate in candle form.

The Message Candle

There are times when words fail us, especially when it comes to expressing our deepest desires. This is where candles like “light me when you want a blowjob” come in handy. They are a non-verbal, light-hearted way to communicate your wishes or set the mood. A candle like “light me when you want a face to sit on” can add humour and spice to a relationship, making it both useful and helpful.

The Candle That Brings Back Memories

Scent is a powerful trigger for memory, and these candles can evoke recollections you may or may not want to revisit. Whether it’s the reminiscent whiff of “sweaty minge” or other odours of yesteryears, the memories they conjure can be as vivid as they are humorous. The candles serve as a sensory time machine to the less glamorous but undeniably real moments of our lives.


In the end, rude funny candles are more than just gag gifts; they’re a testament to our ability to laugh at the absurdity of life. They can be placed as a centerpiece for a party, a quirky bathroom accent, or given as a gift for a multitude of occasions like Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or just because. With these candles, you’re not just giving a chuckle; you’re offering a light-hearted way to celebrate the imperfections and peculiarities that make us all human.

If you like the idea of these naughty and rude sentiments, have a look at our rude candles.

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