The pump mic

This one is about a place I used to work a few years ago.  It was a medium sized IT company and I was a manager of a very small team; there were only four of us.
We used to sit in the corner of a large open-plan office.  Thinking back now, I can probably work out why everyone wanted us to sit in the corner.
Anyway, all four of us were quite proficient farters, we'd pump and quack, with a the occasional brap or even a phunt.
It wasn't long before I realised that we had a lot of wasted talent in the corner of this office, so I connected a microphone to my computer, and taped it to the front edge of my desk, which was perfectly at bum-height.  The cable from the mic was neatly taped along the edge of the desk back to the computer so it was fairly inconspicuous.
After some experimenting, and of course recording, the deal was that if anyone in the office had a good pump they wanted to share, they'd waddle over and bring it to us, eject it into the mic, we'd record it and send it to them as an mp3, and play it loudly in the office through our speakers.
I remember a couple of people waddling across the office like penguins calling out to us 'it's ready it's ready, get ready to record!'.
What started out to be a bit of silliness ended up like a little startup business in the corner of the office.  Although we didn't get paid, we ended up with a big catalogue of farty mp3 files.  Almost as good as earning loads of money isn't it?  We thought so.
This is a long time ago now, can't really imagine it happening now with all of the correctness that we have to conform to.....  bit sad really.  I'm giggling now typing this, and feel like it didn't really happen like that, but it truly did.
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