An intimate moment

This is something that a member of this email group sent me recently, I think it was kind of hard to share, but will help us realise we're all ok regardless of how weird we might think we are.
I've been thinking this over for the past couple of weeks and decided to write about it to you.
The problem being that this isn't a story about pee or poo, it's a funny but enjoyable tale of afternoon nookie!
I'm disabled and in constant pain, so when I feel like I'm having a good day I tend to make the most of it, much to my partners delight.
Now sex is funny... or at least it is when you get older, like the fact that my partner Steve (not his real name) now has to limber up before we start, he's learnt his lesson about that rule! 
This one time he didn't... and like I said he learnt the hard way.
Not going into too many detail, with my back being painful to lie on we tend to do different positions, mainly "doggy-style" as it's basically better for me and Steve does enjoy it as well.
We were well on our way and Dave  had got a good rhythm going, both of us fully enjoying our intimate time together, when suddenly he started moaning and thrusting harder and deeper... which for me was AMAZING!
I had a mind-blowing orgasm and so did Steve (or so I thought).  So you can imagine my surprise when he suddenly jumped out of bed and started limping around the room rubbing his thigh.
The look on my face must have been one of confusion cos he cried out, almost in tears "I've got muscle cramp! I was trying to straighten my leg out, but every time I did it you pushed back against me".
I have to admit we do laugh about it now... the time he got cramp and gave me the best orgasm of my life!
Like I said... sex is funny! lmao
I hope you enjoyed it, I'm actually giggling to myself as I'm writing, lol.
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