Pumpy Grandma

Pumpy grandma

Hello xxxx - I hope you're doing ok!

This one was sent to me by a member of this email group, I hope you like it!


This email made me actually laugh out loud. I have never farted in public way too risky, however I have a story of going shopping with my mum and grandma to do with farting. We were in a clothes shop and my grandma was always farting, this time it was particularly loud and smelly; enough to make a random woman gag. My mum then found this so entertaining she was laughing hard and now needed a wee, Burger King was opposite the shop we were in. In my mums rush for a wee through laughing she accidentally ran into a glass window and nearly knocked herself out. As if all this wasn't bad enough, my mum running into the window caused my grandma to laugh and that then caused her to fart more so much it was like she was trying to play a tune. The chaos caused most of the shop to stand and stare and I swore blind I will never go shopping with them ever again!!


What do you think? Do you have any random fart stories? Or worse, maybe...?
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