What is it?

Mr. Inappropriate is a not just a unique and hilarious online shop.
It's a little break from everyday crap.
A fun and funny community with kindness and no judgement.
A moment to giggle and realise that it's not that bad.

What can you expect when you join us?

The small Facebook group is like many others in that it's full of silly memes, but many start a fun and light-hearted little conversation between (virtual) friends.
I closely guard the group against any trolling or meanness.
The email community offers weekly true, hilarious and usually embarrassing stories about me (and sometimes group members). Among many other things, you'll find out why I shat in my shoe in Aldi car park, why I accidentally farted in an old woman’s face in Currys and how to wash your balls in the sink at work.
I will never post these stories online anywhere as they’re too personal and sensitive.
You'll be invited to reply to my emails with the promise the I personally reply to all emails I receive, often leading to conversations about happy things, sad things, and all sorts in-between.
Plus I run a number of giveaways each month which builds excitement and engagement within the community, see examples here:
Examples of quotes I've received recently via email:
- Susanne M: Dan don't change anything you don't know how much you have helped me, on my worse days I just have to read your stories and laugh till I pee myself or spit water all over some random stranger then having one of the best nights of my life Mmmmmm please just keep doing what your doing don't change.
- Lee N: Bring on more inappropriateness, it's what makes the world bearable when everyone around you is stuck up their own arses and only showing the shiny Instagram worthy bits. Yeah shit happens, celebrate it! It's what makes us human, KEEP BEING YOU AND INAPPROPRIATE!!
- Rachael S: I think you are doing a brilliant job, Dan. Your site gives me a lot of giggles and inspiration to buy something to make someone else smile. I shall place an order next week. Aged 54 but acts like a 10 year old and flatly refuses to grow the hell up.

How can you join us?

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A few words explaining my thoughts

We haven't changed much in the last 100,000 years.
Back then all we needed to concern ourselves with was what to eat or fuck and where to shit.
Now we are expected to deal with the world as it is today.
To instantly deal with job, mortgage, credit cards, technology, complicated relationships and everything else.
To quickly process ten thousand times more information than we did when we lived in a field with a goat.
All this is hard if not impossible to deal with.
One thing we have become good at is the ability to obsessively focus on what is right in front of us.
Whatever is closest to us looks bigger and more important than it really is.
Like a turd on the windscreen, our current problems are right in front of us, blocking our view.
Obscuring our view of the road ahead, the cool looking tree or street sign for Butt Hedge.
In our entire lifetime only about six genuinely important things happen, the chances are that this turd is not one of them.
But it seems like it is.
If obsessively focussing on our inflated problems which we're ill-equipped to cope with is not enough, we have a new shiny problem.
We are no longer allowed to relax and be ourselves fear of offending someone.
So we have to keep our guard up, make sure we don't say the wrong thing, while at the same time worrying about our problems and coping with everyday life.
It's hard, there is no respite, and it leaves us feeling anxious and tired.
No surprise that we can't cope.
This is where the idea for Mr. Inappropriate came from. I genuinely hope to give you a little tiny break from this.
A moment to giggle and forget about all of that crap (because that's what it is).
To be whoever we are and have a moment of genuinely not giving a fuck.
To figuratively sit back and see everything from a distance, allowing the natural balance to settle.
To see the turd on the windscreen for what it is and simply be scrape it off with someone else's credit card.

Who am I?

My name is Dan.
I work in a large IT company and spend a lot of time with many people, and the same thought keeps coming to me:
"why are so many people unbalanced in their perspective?"
Why do they think that the report they're writing, or the server they're fixing is so important?
Why do they get so stressed about it?
It's because it's what they're doing at that moment, which makes it seem much more important than it really is.
It's closer to them, so seems bigger. Makes sense I guess.
This also applies to everyday life, whatever is closest to us at any given moment seems more important.

How do we have a break from that?

Have a good fucking giggle, that's what.
To have a laugh we don't have to be mean.
So many joke gift shops just sell stuff which says 'fuck off' in different ways, but I don't think that's funny.
We can have a laugh without it necessarily being at someone's expense.
Not always, but usually. I think.

Want to talk about us?

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