To place a plaice

This is another sent to me by one of the lovely members of this email group, I hope you like it!


Now this story reminds of when I was at college. I was studying to become a chef (which along with running pubs I did for 30 years before I got fucked up due to ill health).

Now us catering students always had the rap of being the noisiest, rudest, hardest partying and fun loving of all the groups and as we wanted to let no one down we always lived up to, and indeed excelled, the image.

One fine day after we had spent the morning how to fillet fish and make various meals my mate Geoff and I had a plaice each left. After much consideration we thought the best place for the plaice would be at the top and bottom of the stairwell that led up to the hairdressing and beauty classes/salons.

As the ceiling tiles were easy to push up (obviously for people to fix wiring and pipes etc) we thought this would be the ideal position for them. Up they duly went.

After about a day there was a slight aroma.....after the weekend it absolutely fucking stank....cleaner's were going round with bleach and fuck knows what else to try and eliminate the stench.... It was only when a few maggots started dropping from the ceiling that the source was discovered.

The Principal was informed and obvs we were the 1st group no one admitted anything ,solidarity and all that,we escaped scot free!!!.


Have you ever hid food anywhere? I've hidden fish in a colleague's drawer at work once, it took a few weeks before anyone worked out where the lovely stink came from.
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