The stapler

Just a random memory that came to me that I thought I'd tell you about.
My first IT job was working for a small IT services company.  It was a really wanky little company that build computers and did small office networks and stuff, nothing complicated.
One of the tasks I had was to install a computer into someone's home office, and while putting my shoes on to leave I noticed a row of coats and jackets hanging on a rail against the wall.  For some reason there was a stapler on a little side table and I couldn't resist.
I'm sure you know what I did, anyone would have done the same.
Yes, I stapled the sleeves shut on all of the jackets that were hanging there.
Even now I'm giggling imagining the owner putting them on and getting their arms stuck at the sleeve, thinking 'what the fuck?!?!?'.
I don't know why this is so funny, maybe it's just me.
Have you ever stapled anything you shouldn't?
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