Where did it come from?

I hope you're well, and wanted to share something with you about where the idea for Mr. Inappropriate came from:
We haven't changed much in the last 100,000 years.
Back then all we needed to concern ourselves with was what to eat or fuck and where to shit.
Now we are expected to deal with the world as it is today.
To instantly deal with job, mortgage, credit cards, technology, complicated relationships and everything else.
To quickly process ten thousand times more information than we did when we lived in a field with a goat.
All this is hard if not impossible to deal with.
One thing we have become good at is the ability to obsessively focus on what is right in front of us.
Whatever is closest to us looks bigger and more important than it really is.
Like a turd on the windscreen, our current problems are right in front of us, blocking our view.
Obscuring our view of the road ahead, the cool looking tree or street sign for Butt Hedge.
In our entire lifetime only about six genuinely important things happen, the chances are that this turd is not one of them.
But it seems like it is.
If obsessively focussing on our inflated problems which we're ill-equipped to cope with is not enough, we have a new shiny problem.
We are no longer allowed to relax and be ourselves fear of offending someone.
So we have to keep our guard up, make sure we don't say the wrong thing, while at the same time worrying about our problems and coping with everyday life.
It's hard, there is no respite, and it leaves us feeling anxious and tired.
No surprise that we can't cope.
This is where the idea for Mr. Inappropriate came from. I genuinely hope to give you a little tiny break from this.
A moment to giggle and forget about all of that crap (because that's what it is).
To be whoever we are and have a moment of genuinely not giving a fuck.
To figuratively sit back and see everything from a distance, allowing the natural balance to settle.
To see the turd on the windscreen for what it is and simply be scrape it off with someone else's credit card.
What do you think?  Do you struggle with normal life?  I know I do!
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