I don't know how English you are, if at all, but I thought I'd tell you what I've learned about how proper English people pour tea.
When at a previous job a few years ago, I sat at a bank for four desks.
We shared a teapot which would sit in the middle of the desks.
A couple of times a day, one of us would make tea, we'd leave it to brew for a few minutes and take turns pouring ourselves a mug of tea.
We did notice that the higher (above the mug) you hold the tea pot, not only does the tea froth up, which made it taste better, but also it was more exciting as there was an increasing chance of missing.
It didn't really make it taste better, but by the time we realised, we were having so much fun with the pouring that it didn't matter anymore.
So as anyone would, we progressively held the pot higher and higher as we poured, until eventually we had to stand on the desk above the mug.
After a while though, that just wasn't enough so the mug had to go on the floor.
Try to imagine standing on a desk, holding a tea put as close to the ceiling as you can, pouring tea into a mug on the floor.  As your imagination is probably showing you, not much actually went into the mug.
We did however make some lovely splattered prints on the carpet where the mug was.  The shadow of the tea-print on the carpet looked a bit like a painting of the eclipsed sun, but painted of course with tea.
Can you think of a better way to pour tea?  If you can, please tell me, I need to know!
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