A prawn sandwich

This story was sent to me by one of the members of this email list, I hope it gives you a giggle!


There was one food related 'incident' that I wished I'd been able to see the result of, happened to my ex.

He deserved it but I wish I could have seen his face.

One Saturday morning after 20 years together he came home from work and announced he was leaving because I was ill and he couldn't handle it and started packing his stuff so I 'helped', some stuff was launched at his head so he could take it immediately and some of it he stacked up in the garage to pick up the following day.

He had a lot of fancy fishing stuff and he was moving in with a mate for a couple of weeks until he found a place with a woman he was working with so I knew he wouldn't have chance to use it for a bit.
We had a bait fridge in the garage that always had maggots in ready to go and I thought he might like to take them with him too.

Soooo, I got a tub of Tesco thousand Island prawn sandwich filler and put a dollop with a couple of crab sticks in his seatbox with a handful of maggots and sealed it. I didn't want them to go hungry!

I did the same with his netbag, rod tubes, rod bags, tackle box, rolled up sleeping bag, the cup holder on his fold up chair, a hat, a pair of gloves and inside his huge umbrella.

I don't know if you've ever opened a forgotten bait box with maggots in but its like something from a Hitchcock film, they bred, they swarm and the smell is awful. It never really goes away.

I know it wasn't petty but it made me feel better at the time but I do wish I could have seen what happened when he finally got chance to go fishing! I know it was at least 2 months and he left during a particularly warm June weekend.

I can't eat prawn sandwiches now because I heave at the thought of the smell! 🤮


Well I hope you liked that one, I expect some of you can empathise with her..... it's a shame not have seen the result after two months :))
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