A lovely trip to the zoo

Today's story is written by one of our lovely email group members:
1st is a lovely trip to Howletts zoo in the early 80s. A gloriously hot sunny day, much like today and a very much needed day out. Back then, animals were kept in smaller enclosures than they are, but even so, they were still quite large so we didn't get to see many of the 'herd' animals. The buggers always seemed too far away. Anyways, imagine my sheer little 5 year old delight when we came across the elephants!! Actual elephants!! Right in front of us. In real life! 5 year old mind blown! Due to lack of animals elsewhere, these gorgeous beasts held quite a gathering and our family (mum, dad, big sis, middle sis and myself) happily joined the throng of people.
Now being so young, little, hot, and impatient, I managed to squeeze through right to the front. Parents could still just about see me so they were happy. There I was. Nose pressed up against the glass barrier simply ogling the most magnificent creatures in my entire life..... but also being so young, questions arose in my uninformed brain. Certainly about 1 large elephant in particular. Knowing my parents were a few rows back, I did what any inquisitive child would do and hollered out my question.
Cue mass crowd evacuation amid lots of sniggers, chortles and sideways glances to work out who this child belonged to. Including my parents! They ran!! Not far, but far enough to work out when it was safe to come back to the elephant enclosure and claim their very confused daughter. They never did answer me, but it has come up quite often at family get togethers. 
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