Two little things

Today we have a little fart story from a lovely gentleman from our email group, I hope you like this one.  Oh and there is something funny after it, that still makes me giggle even now, twenty years later.
Anyway, this is the little story:
Last month I underwent hernia surgery on a long term problem which had made my diet nearly impossible. What I could eat mostly did cause wind and I couldn't hold back when it came. 
I was walking towards a town centre about 3 months ago and I knew I needed to either fart or explode. There were people walking behind me so I crossed the road to a point where nobody was in the blast radius. Then let rip with such force it probably cleared my throat too. I immediately crossed the road back to get away from it to see a young woman with a double pushchair walking on the side I just left. Both children immediately started crying when they got to the exact spot I had desecrated! 
And on a completely separate note, this one is about a job that I had about twenty years ago.  You know how your work computer login name is usually a combination of your first and second name.  At the place I was working, it was the first letter of your first name, and your surname, so if your name was Dave Bottom, your username would be dbottom.
One of the people I worked with was called Steve Adcock🙂
Maybe it's just me, but I'm still giggling about this after all these years.  Yes, I'm probably a bit simple and easily amused.
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