Ketchup and a door hinge

I don't know if you saw my Facebook post about the pranks I used to pull at school, but I thought I'd share one of my favourites here.
All of the doors in the hallways were spring loaded, but if you closed them gently you could get them to stop just before they completely close.
I used to collect tomato ketchup and mayonnaise sachets from lunch, and when nobody was looking, stick them into the hinges of the doors and gently close them so the sachets didn't quite burst.
As the next person passed through the door and closed it behind them, the sachet would burst and squirt the juice all up their backs, and of course they didn't notice.
So I'd be walking around school, and every now and then I'd see someone with ketchup or mayo splatted all over their back!
I'm still giggling about it now, you really had to be there.
There are a few others I used do, but they were much more predictable.
  • We would unwind Pritt Sticks as far as they'd go and throw them at the ceiling above the teacher so they'd fall on her head when she was talking.
  • We'd see how much of our lunch we could attach to the ceiling
  • Try and piss on the ceiling, although nobody ever managed it.
  • Throw huge lumps of soaking wet bog roll over the stall wall onto someone who was having a poo.
  • Use a piece of paper to flip a full plastic cup upside down onto the table, so that when the dinner lady removed it, she'd get soaked.
  • Obviously drawing a cock on the back of a scrolling blackboard had to be done too.
What about you?  What did you do at school, and did you get away with it?
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