Fart tale

This is from one of our email group members
When I was on a health kick about 2 years ago due to my upcoming wedding. I dug out my Wii and Wii fit and balance board.
Off we toddled to Game to try and find just dance etc so I could pretend to look like I can dance rather than looking like I'm having an epileptic fit, to loose my chub.
Was scouring the shelves and a guy overheard my now husband and I talking about it and decided to help us.
Anyway, as I was going further down the shelf, I walked smack bang into the toxic avengers deodorant, the guy helping us also walked into it and turned an astonishing shade of green and promptly left. Me being quite taken aback and trying not to inhale too deeply, asked my husband quite loudly "OMG HAVE YOU JUST FARTED?" hubby's reply hysterical giggling.
We left the store and we never did get those games and I feel, blighted that particular store with toxic fumes.
Never did go back. And it still makes the hubby giggle even to this day. Sadist.
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