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Rude Badge - Due To My Age
Jude Fitzgerald (Brighton, GB)
Great mug and badge, great service too

My partner and I were looking for rude gifts for a friend and stumbled on your website - I ended buying myself the “For you to insult me I have to value your opinion first” which is proudly placed on my desk at work, and the “mistake me for an adult” badge which I gave to a dear old friend for his 70th birthday. Both items came promptly and have brightened mine and my friend’s days up, so thank you!

Hey there Jude, thank you so much for saying all that, it makes me really happy to know how you're using the silly stuff you bought, and thank you for the review, greatly appreciated!!

Funny Mug - What is that Stupid Shit
Nicola Mulraine (Southwark, GB)

Just as described, very happy with my purchase and always kept informed of delivery etc

Thank you so much Nicola, really kind of you, thank you!!

Rude Birthday Card - Happy Birth Anniversary
Mark Hunter (Billericay, GB)
Birthday card

Great card definitely buy it again.

thank you so much Mark!

Funny Candle - Dog Anal Gland Milk
Debbie Unwin (Prescot, GB)
Anal gland milk candle

Bought this as a gift for my niece who had just qualified as a vet nurse. We have a dog who expresses his anal glands anywhere & everywhere! We found this hilarious & she did too! Thankfully candle had a lovely scent. Fab little gift

Yay that's ace, I'm so glad you managed to find this, sounds like exactly what you needed :) And thank you so much for the review!

Great quality card

The card looks and feels excellent and it arrived quickly

Thank you so much for letting me know and for the review, thank you!

Funny Valentine's Day Anniversary Candle - Light Me When You Want A Blowjob

Great novelty item. Delivery was quick and the candle smells great. Would order from here again!

Thank you so much for saying that, and I'm glad you like it, much appreciated!

Rude Candle - Sweaty Minge
Jenni Coles (Bristol, GB)
Smelly candle

It was ok. Label a bit wonky. Ok as a joke present.

Hello Jenni - thank you for this, it really helps to know how to improve when someone gives constructive criticism like this, so thank you.
Regarding the label, I had someone else say this a few weeks ago; they sent me some photos and actually the label wasn't wonky, it's because the glass is slightly conical so if you look at it slightly from the side it looks wonky when really it's not.
If there are any other reasons you're not happy with it, or if you want a full refund just let me know.

Excellent fun!

Really happy with this, ordered one for my friends 60th and it gave us all a great giggle! Good quality items, arrived promptly and well packaged 👍

Thank you Jayne, really kind of you to say and I'm so happy you had some giggles :)))

Rude Valentine's Day Anniversary Candle - I Fucking Love You

Love the candle, perfect condition and quality

Thank you so much Laura, I really appreciate that, thank you!!

Rude Birthday Card - Bum Flower Girl
Laura Dorsaite (Bedworth, GB)
Rude Birthday Card - Bum Flower Girl And candles

High quality presents, good packaging so it reache me in perfect condition, nice communication, perfect rude gift for anyone. Thank you for your service 😎

Thank you so much Laura, thank you for the review and more importantly I'm glad you like it!

Great items and brilliant quality

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

Wine labels

Very funny adding a bit of class to my table. Dan is a great person it's like having a friend with gossip and a laugh. Great value for money on all his bits.

Thank you so much Nicola, and I'm very happy that you like my bits. They are quite lovely and I only share them with my favourite people. Thank you!

CUSTOM Rude Birthday Card and Gift Bundle - For Her
Mr Kevin Stone (Milton Keynes, GB)
Mr k.s

Thought this would be a good laugh, didn’t disappoint they loved it

Thank you so much Kevin, I really appreciate that and 'm glad they liked it!

Birthday card

These cards are so funny, made with quality card just as described with quick delivery. Will definitely order more cards from here for the right people.

Thank you so much Nicola, I really appreciate that, thank you!!



Thank you Edward, kind of you to say!

Great card - something different from the norm.

Thank you so much, really kind of you to say and much appreciated!!

Great Cards!!!

Have ordered several cards from Mr Inappropriate. If you’re looking for something funny and unique - look no further! Great service and I even received free wine labels!! Great company - I highly recommend!

Wow thank you so much for saying that Kirsty, I'm so happy you like them, thank you so much for saying!

Funny Candle - Hot Fart
Jake waddington (Southampton, GB)

I recently purchased a candle for Mother’s Day and I was quite excited for it and then it came around 3 days later the candle was tiny and the label was stuck on wonkey. Will not be buying from him again.

Hey there Jake - I'm sorry about the delay with this public reply; I did reply to you privately straight away but I don't remember receiving a reply from you.

Regarding the size of the candle, I'm so sorry it was smaller than you expected; the listing does explain the height and width and also the volume of the candle but maybe I should make it in bold or something, I'll have a think about how to make it clearer.

With regard to the label not being straight, you're the second person to mention this. The labels are actually completely straight but because the shape of the glass is slightly conical, when you look at it from the side it looks wonky. When you however look at the candle label straight on, you can see it is in fact straight. It can be a bit of an illusion if you don't look at it straight though!

I'm always here, so if you need help with anything please let me know!

Rude Birthday Card - Old Twat
Andrew John Holland (Nottingham, GB)
Class Service.

Class Service, missus chuckled at the card. 👊🏽

Haha nice, thank you Andrew, I expect she loves you even more after receiving that!

Funny Candle - Crusty Cunt Putty
Calvin (Gateshead, GB)
Crusty cunt putty candle

For a funny rude candle it's actually nostril friendly along with the amazing service from Mr inappropriate, I must say I'm extremely happy with my purchase and will be ordering again,fast friendly service, I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone .

Thank you so much Calvin, really kind of you to take the time to say all that, I really do appreciate it!

Rude Birthday Card - When You Came Out You Were
Garry John Bowman (Huntingdon, GB)
Great product at great price

Ordered 3 cards plus a badge, wine labels and other bits. All great quality for a great price. Hope the new business goes well. I hope to be back soon to get more stuff to offend my siblings!!

Thank you so much Garry, I'm really trying to make this work, I guess time will tell. Thank you so much for your review!

Brilliant gifts for wrong people

So glad I found this website. My friend is getting a new bathroom soon so this was the perfect gift. Arrived very quickly and he loved it. Thank you

Thank you Georgie - I think your friend will love you even more when they receive this, do let me know how it goes! Thank you so much :)

An excellent gift!

My friend absolutely loved this! Arrived really quickly and was perfect, thank you. I'd highly recommend.

Thank you so much for saying that Georgie, I'm so happy your friend likes it!

Great fun and great value

Bought this bundle for a birthday gift for my niece, she has a wicked sense of humour, she loved it, made her day and laugh. Great value and great quality too. Would highly recommend. Dan is very helpful guy!

Really kind of you to say Bob, thank you so much, and I'm really happy she likes it!

Misfortune teller

Arrived quickly.. excellent value for money was 1p!!!

Haha thank you Debbie, I do try my bestest :))