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Rude Mug For Her - Do You Want to Munch The Greasy Discharge

Rude Mug For Her - Do You Want to Munch The Greasy Discharge

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Fanny batter, also known as cunt putty is like saffron.

It's a fine and rare substance held in the highest regard by all connoisseurs.

So much so, that a new facility, called The Clungatorium has opened in Milton Keynes (see

This auspicious endeavor is the work of a good friend of mine, who will remain unnamed at the moment.

I will say, however, that he will employ a host of like-minded clunge farmers to help him harvest the batter from all women in the local area, and ultimately the entire country.

There is even a viewing platform so that visitors can watch the process, for a small fee.

The women do not pay for this service, their only payment is the small amount of batter they leave in the beards of the clunge farmers, who then scrape it into a vat where it is processed and used in the chip shop next door.

To date, thousands of women have enjoyed this service as it gives them the pleasure and release they so badly need, especially in these difficult times.

So assuming you're not in Milton Keynes, buy this mug for yourself, as a loving gesture to your man, to let him know that you will give him the honour of harvesting your important juices.

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Imagine their face when they open it

Will they be surprised? Impressed? Offended? Will they giggle and drop a bit of wee into their pants?

Will they get a glimpse of what you're really like?

I hope so, you should be proud of how naughty you can be.

Common Questions

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

If you don't like your mug, just email me ( within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund including postage, no questions asked.

You don't even need to send it back!

What is it made from?

11oz ceramic mug.

Glossy white finish.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Can be used for hot drinks or bodily fluids.

The print is permanent, it's glossy white and dishwasher/microwave safe.

How will it be packaged?

Your mug will be sent to you carefully packaged in a mug-sized double-thickness cardboard box.

Can I talk with you to check something?

Sure, call me on 01138730688 or email me at, or use the little chat thingy at the bottom right.

When will I get my stuff?

Your mug will be professionally printed to order so please allow us two to five working days to get it ready, and as a result, it might arrive separately from anything else you order.

How much does shipping cost?

It will actually cost you less then it costs me, so don't worry, you won't get a horrible surprise when you check out.

You'll see a dropdown on the checkout page where you can choose the method you want to use.

Who or what is Mila?

Mila is our very own naughty little AI-driven assistant. Have a chat with her here and see what happens!

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