A laker cake

Like the last story, this one is set at work, although a different company.
A bloke I worked with, called James (not his real name, although it might be), galloped into the office and excitedly told us all that he's just made a layer cake.
  Not knowing what he was talking about, most people responded with 'that's nice, or 'oh lovely'.
One girl said 'what is it, can I have some?', and someone else asked how many layers it has.
James looked a bit sad and said 'no' to the first question, and to the second question he said 'only one so far'.
Nobody else said anything and James just wondered off.
Speaking with James a little later that day, I had to ask him about this layer cake business, and what he was talking about.  It was a bit of a weird announcement that didn't lead anywhere.
He said that he'd challenged himself to make a three-tier layer cake in one day, and asked if I'd ever managed to that.
I still didn't know what he was talking about so he explained that after eating a lot of rice the previous evening, he figured that he was perfectly prepared to make three separate deliveries into the same pan, the same day, without flushing.
The first one is pretty inconsequential as it tends to sit beneath the waterline, but after the second helping, which is where he excitedly told me he was up to, much of it was poking above, which completely changes the smell.  Well, it makes the smell a lot stronger.
At this point in his escapade, he was quite concerned that someone might exterminate it, either because of the omnipotent smell, or because they wanted to drop something off themselves.  As he rightly said though, when setting off on a quest like this, there are risks, which are part of the challenge.  Whatever hurts makes you stronger, right?  Nonetheless, it  didn't stop him worrying.
After spending the next three hours munching his way through a bag of raisins, he nervously looked around, and went to make the third and final tier, hoping that nobody had spoiled his cake.
Knowing what he was doing, and having never heard of such a challenge, I was curious whether he'd manage it.  Twenty minutes later he came back with his phone in his hand, ready to show evidence of his successful work.
Thinking about this very silly little event did make me wonder whether you can buy a toilet seat sign that reads 'Potential Record Breaker Inside, Please Do Not Flush'.  I have looked and can't find such a thing, so maybe I should sell it on my website - surely there would be a market for such a useful sign, right?
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